Bach Quang contactlenses is dicrectly under Bach Quang Co. Ltd established in August 2002, specializing in medical supplies and opthalmology equipments and contactlenses.
With the desire for providing the customers with the best protect eyes products, Bach Quang constantly develops and improves skills as well as gives advices from the prestigious ophthalmology doctors to choose the products that is the best, safest and suitable for Viet eyes.
All products Bach Quang has distributed are the ones of prestigious manufactures having their clear origin in the world such as: Abbott Medical Optics, Rumex, Mani, Coopervision, Maxim, etc. With the guidelines that intensively develop into ophthalmology, enhancing the quality of business an services, Bach Quang supplied many products to the big partners in the whole country as Ho Chi Minh City Eyes Hospital, Centre Eyes Hospital, Cho Ray Hospital, Thong Nhat Hospital, etc… With the qualitative products, Bach Quang always desires to bring the best vision for consumers.
With the business system covered in the whole country and the marketing team being dynamic, experienced and trained well to be ready for giving some advices and serving customers. Bach Quang commits to maintain the business motto put forward and desires to develop finely along with the rise of society in protection for your eye health, in particular, and population health, in general.

Our commission is “take care of the eyes” with the best products and services. It helps customers to identify the best of suitable, qualitative and safe products under the reliable advice of the experienced Ophthalmology doctors.
Aim at a society with the perfect health from the simple things.

Bach Quang is gradually implementing the goal to become one of the distributors of medical supplies, ophthalmic equipments and contact lens with the best products leading in Vietnam.

Always take “eyes health” as the center, from that point all activities  follow that:
– Safe
– Responsible
– Professional
– Honest
– Dynamic and Creative